Modifying your car and putting your own stamp on it can really help you improve the way it looks and sells it quickly.

Find out what you can do to improve the look of your car here.

1. Tyres, tyres, tyres

Changing your tyres has to be one of the most obvious ways to modify your car, right? Depending on what you can afford, generally the more expensive the better but the main thing is, your tyres can really alter your car’s behavior on the road. A good set of wheels is the key to a good drive and will really help with your car’s performance, from accelerating to braking and even cornering.

2. Suspension

As much as we all hate having a stiff kneck, there’s nothing better than stiffer springs in your suspension. Provided that your car’s handling isn’t compromised and that your car stays within its limits for height adjustments, you should be fine. No matter what you use your car for, whether you’re just going shopping or using it to commute, you’ll be able to do it even better and with a good suspension. Many would say it’s a great investment and if done right, your car will be a dream to drive.

3. Quality race seats

Seat upgrades are really popular car modifications and if you’ve been driving long, you’ll probably already know how important it is to have a comfy and secure seat. There’s nothing worse than being thrown to the other side of the car every time you hit the brakes or turn a corner. A set of sport seats might just what you need. They look great, and you’ll be amazed at how much they can have an improve your driving position, as well as your steering, braking and accelerating.

4. Fancy exhaust

If you play with your exhaust and want to make it fancier, just remember that some exhaust modifications work best on certain cars. For example, spoilers, fit one on a Toyota and you’ll be doing yourself no favors, however, stick one on a Porsche and you’ll be increasing its value massively.

Another modification is a dual exhaust. Why have on when you can have two? Your exhaust impacts your car’s performance and engine. But before you go all guns blazing with a dual, its probably good to note that a dual exhaust works best on sports cars.

Let’s talk silencers. If you’ve got a habit of not being able to maintain things, then you’re screwed with this one. Exhaust silencers need to be maintained to be in good working order. Oh, and don’t even think about removing one! If you do or you make any modification that would make your car louder than the original exhaust, you’ll be breaking the law and we don’t want that.

5. In-car entertainment

It’s without a doubt that car technology has changed our lives and there has been such a huge increase in the amount of car tech devices that have become available over the years. We think most cars these days have a classy infotainment system but let’s not forget that some cars just aren’t that equipped. If yours is like this, then modifying it will be a great way to increase its value when it comes to selling it. As much fun as it is having your car kitted out with all the latest tech, keep your eyes on the road!

These are just a few car modifications that you could make to improve your car and that would help it sell. While these are great and could do yourself a real favor adding value, you can also modify your car but instead, decrease the value without realizing.

For example, adding big exhausts, spoilers, wings and a roof rack, are just a few upgrades that could drastically lower the value of your car on a resale. At the time, you might think that you’re doing your car the world of good by adding some new features to it and making it stand out from the crowd, but in the long run, you could be doing more damage to it than its worth.

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