One question that runs through many of our minds when selling our car is, when is the right time to sell. Let’s flip this on its head and think about when is the wrong time to sell your car, I bet not many of us have asked that one before.

So if you’re looking to sell your car, the wrong time to do it would be if:

1. Your car is getting wrinkles

Most of us wait until our car is on its last legs before parting with it, but this perhaps isn’t the right way to go about it. There might not be a perfect age to sell your car, and there are so many different things to take into account, your milage being one of them. For example, if your car is past the toddler stage, its life can start to take a bit of a turn to the worse and can really start to go wrong when they get to around 60,000 miles. Reliability starts to become a bit of a factor, which is so important when it comes to our car. Perhaps it’s best to get rid before this time and sell a bit earlier than you might think you would.

2.  You think your car is too basic

There’s nothing wrong with having a simple car, as long as it gets you from A to B, that’s all that matters. The great thing about our cars is that they can never be too basic. It doesn’t matter whether your car isn’t kitted out with all the latest tech or it isn’t as stylish as you’d like, that’s no biggie. So if you can’t afford to, don’t go splashing out on a newer and more fancy car if you don’t have to. Sometimes basic is better and more convenient, and a basic car is better than no car.

3. You’re expanding your family

If you’re expanding your family by two more feet, the last thing you want to be thinking about is selling your car. If your car isn’t as big as you’d like and you think that you need a bigger one to make room for the extra baggage and new baby, this might not be the case. Space is going to be important but selling your car when your expecting can be such a stressful time and it could be the completely wrong time.

4. Your babies are flying the nest

Are your kids leaving home or have they already left? If they have and you feel like you want to treat yourself to a new car, maybe you’ve got a family car and you want to downsize, hang fire! You don’t want to do anything drastic; you never know when you might need the space again. Modern rides are not all that fancy and they can be quite pricey too. Timing is everything and this can definitely be a wrong time to see and invest in a new car.

5. Your wheels need some love, care, and attention

If you’re in the moment and you’ve got your heart set on selling your car so that you can get yourself some new wheels, it’s good to remember not to get caught up in the moment. Sometimes, you forget that any potential buyer is going to want a perfectly running car and not one that needs a bit of maintenance. Prospective buyers want a car that doesn’t need much doing to it, in good condition and something that isn’t going to break down anytime soon. The solution? The wrong time to sell your car would be if it needs lots of work done to it and expensive repairs.

Selling your car is a big decision, but you don’t need us to tell you that. If the time has come though and you really need to get rid, then let us help point you in the right direction. We can help you to the best price at Eastern Cash For Cars for your vehicle, all you need to do is filling our online form.

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