Making the most money is the main motive behind every business. Similarly, the goal of some junkyards is to buy your car for as little money as possible and then sell it for a profit. Here are eight common scams that junkyards try to pull and how you can avoid them.

The bait and switch

You bring your car to the junkyard expecting to get a certain amount of money for it, but when you get there, they offer you much less. They may try to tell you that your car is in worse condition than you thought or that they can only give you a fraction of the money because they have to resell the parts.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate, and if they don’t budge, take your business elsewhere.

The low-ball offer

Similar to the bait and switch, the low-ball offer is when a junkyard tries to give you an unreasonably low amount of money for your car.

Again, don’t be afraid to negotiate or take your business to another junkyard.

The fake estimate

Some junkyards will give you an estimate that includes the cost of towing and other fees, but when you get there, they try to add on more fees.

Always get a written estimate that includes all fees, so you know exactly how much money you’ll be getting for your car.

The “as-is” scam

Some junkyards will try to sell you a car “as-is” without telling you that it has major problems that will cost a lot of money to fix.

Don’t buy a car “as-is” without getting it inspected first by a mechanic you trust.

The parts switching scam

This is when a junkyard takes your car apart and then replaces the good parts with junkyard parts before selling the car.

You can avoid this scam by asking to see the parts that are being replaced and making sure they are the same parts that were in your car.

The odometer rollback scam

This is when a junkyard changes the odometer reading to make it look like the car has fewer miles than it actually does.

This can be difficult to spot, but you can ask for a car history report to get an accurate reading of the car’s mileage.

The title washing scam

This is when a junkyard buys a car with a salvage title and then cleans up the title so they can sell the car without disclosing that it has a salvage title.

This can be difficult to spot, but you can ask for a car history report to see if the car has ever had a salvage title.

Avoid worthless incentives

Some junkyards will offer you incentives that are actually worthless, like a “free” tow or a “free” tank of gas.

Don’t be fooled by these offers, and make sure you know what you’re getting before you agree to anything.

If you’re looking to get rid of your car, be aware of these common scams so you can avoid them and get the most money for your car.

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